Learn how to inspire kids to make music

Raising a musical child can be overwhelming

If you don’t know what to do…

  • Kids resist practicing

  • You waste time and money

  • Making music becomes stressful

And that leads to feelings of  frustration and kids quitting music. We don’t want that for you. Our online classes give guidance to parents and teachers so that children develop a deep love for music for years to come.

Why take online classes?

⏰ It’s Convenient

Your time is valuable, so each video gets to the point, provides practical information, and is easy to access.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We Empower Parents and Teachers

We understand that the journey of nurturing a child’s musical exploration requires support not only for the child but also for parents and teachers.

🌈 We Support Every Child

We believe that ✨every child✨ can become musical, and thus we embrace the diverse musical potential in every child.

Choose from our classes

How to Motivate Kids to Practice

Want to know all about motivating kids in positive, effective ways?

Take this class and learn:

🔹Myths about motivation and how to avoid them
🔹Creating practice skills
🔹Building a strong musical foundation
🔹Helping children develop resilience

Games for Music Practice – by Christine Goodner & Barbie Wong

Want to bring fun and laughter to the practice room? If so, join our class and learn:

🔹How games motivate kids to practice

🔹How games strengthen the parent-child relationship

🔹Games that structure practice, build skills and technique, and use the imagination

🔹Which games to choose

🔹What to do if games aren’t working

Raise a Musical Child 

Do you want to know how to create the optimal environment for raising musical kids? This class has everything to get you started and more.

You will learn:

🔹How to set a strong musical foundation

🔹Simple ways to get kids excited about music

🔹How to find the right teacher for your child

🔹Myths about practice and how to avoid them

🔹How to motivate kids to practice

🔹How to help kids take ownership of their music-making

Let us help you unlock the secrets to joyful music-making!