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“Brilliant! So many great tips, and yet so simple. I’m sure our teachers were inspired and encouraged. I know I was.”

- Shannon Kauble, Vice President of Music Teachers Association (Lakewood-Cerritos Branch)

Barbie works with music teachers around the world

Learn how to

  • Engage parents for student success
  • Motivate kids to practice
  • Help parents grow a musical home
  • Work harmoniously with parents
  • Inspire kids to develop a lifelong love for music
  • Teach musically, effectively and joyfully
  • Set boundaries and enjoy teaching

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“Barbie brought a wealth of knowledge and experience and she shared it with engaging, uplifting energy! Her insights into all aspects of teaching, including the major role that parents play in the success of our students, left us inspired to return to our studios with fresh ideas in hand!

– Katharine Baird, Music Teachers Association of California (Alameda Branch)

Barbie has worked with these groups

  • California Association of Professional Music Teachers
  • Suzuki Circle International Festival
  • Music Teachers Association of California, Long Beach Branch
  • Preparatory Music Program at Holy Names University
  • Suzuki Music Association of California, Orange County Branch
  • Music Teachers Association of California, Los Altos Branch
  • And more

“As a Suzuki teacher, I’ve heard and read a lot about raising musical kids. Even so, I came away with so much from Barbie’s course…I have also seen wonderful results in the students whose parents have attended these courses. The consistency and quality of their practice sessions have given them a real boost in confidence and ability.”

– Hillary Nordwell, parent and music teacher

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