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Raising a musical child can be overwhelming

If you don’t know what to do…

  • Kids resist practicing

  • You waste time and money

  • Making music becomes stressful

And that leads to feelings of  frustration and kids quitting music. We don’t want that for you. Musical Nest gives guidance to parents and teachers so that children develop a deep love for music for years to come.

Why Musical Nest?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We Empower Parents and Teachers

We understand that the journey of nurturing a child’s musical exploration requires support not only for the child but also for parents and teachers.

Musical Nest is a community that stands by you, offering resources and guidance.

🌈 We Support Every Child

We believe that ✨every child✨ can become musical, and thus we embrace the diverse musical potential in every child by providing inclusive support.

What’s in Our Community?

🌟 Live Events: Join our community meetups, “Hot Seat” sessions with Barbie, and talks from inspiring guest speakers in our live events!

🎁 Shareable Resources: Explore catchy playlists and DIY tutorials, sharing musical joy with our treasure trove of resources!

💡 Interactive Challenges: Level up with challenges focusing on motivation and practice, arming parents and teachers with strategies for guiding little maestros effortlessly.

🤝 Connect with Other Members: Join a vibrant community of music enthusiasts, swap stories, exchange tips, and build lifelong connections with fellow parents and teachers.

Musical Nest is right for you if…

👶 You’re a parent eager to foster a love for music

🎻 You’re a music teacher passionate about inspiring young minds

🏡 You’re searching for creative ways to integrate music at home

🚀 You believe in the power of community

🌈 You crave fresh ideas and inspiration

Musical Nest is not right for you if…

🚫 You’re looking for quick fixes and instant results

🚫 You’re not open to collaboration and community support

🚫 You’re uninterested in fostering a love for music

🚫 You’re only interested in traditional teaching methods

🚫 You don’t believe every child can become musical

Hi, I’m Barbie 👋

I’m a parent and music teacher who gets the challenges of nurturing young musicians.

Having worked with thousands of parents and teachers, I’ve seen it all: kids who don’t want to practice, parents unsure what to do, and teachers struggling to help.

Those who embrace my techniques share stories of:

  • Kids practicing willingly
  • Strengthened parent-child connections
  • Faster progress
  • Joyful music-making

🌟 Join me as we embark on this musical journey together!

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get access to a unique and supportive community

Let us help you unlock the secrets to joyful music-making!