Musical Nest FAQ’s

What's the best way to share a video in a post?

🔹 For mobile phones, use the “photo” button to share your video. Do not click the “attachment” or paperclip icon because then others will have to download your video to in order to watch it.

Here is a tutorial for posting a video from your phone:

🔹 For desktop sharing, you have two options:

🌟Great Option🌟

1) Create a YouTube video (or something with a link) and embed that link. You will have to click on the ▶️ icon. This is a much better way to do it because the video will simply appear on your post.

🌟Not As Good Option🌟

2) Attach the video, which results in every person having to download the video in order to watch it. This still works, but is not as user-friendly. When possible, either upload your video to YouTube or some other platform with a link or use your mobile phone (see directions above).

Something doesn't work. Who should I contact?

If the matter is technical, contact support@circle.so. For other matters, reach out to Barbie Wong.