MTAC Convention 2023

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Engaging Parents for Student Success – handout & answer key

Mid-year check-in forms for parent & student

How to Help Kids Develop a Lifelong Love of Musichandout & answer key

How to Motivate Kids to Practice

Online Class

Motivate kids to practice? Yes, it’s possible!

In this 1-hour class, you will learn all about how kids develop motivation, your role in making that happen, and how to stay connected❤️–and even joyful😊–through it all.

🎶 Topics Covered 🎶
– Myths about motivation and how to avoid them
– What prevents effective practice
– Building a strong musical foundation
– Helping children develop resilience

⭐️ Feedback about this course ⭐️
“Much needed course, thank you!” – Francisco Nakahara
“I love how direct and concise this is.” – Melissa Gillette
“Every section was useful! You turn complex ideas into easy-to-grasp strategies.” – Andrea Simms

Cost: $29