Music Camp Day 5: Hawaii

June 27, 2014
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June 27, 2014 Barbie Wong


We made it to our final destination:  Hawaii!  I wore my purple mu’umu’u for today’s camp and we began the day with making leis out of tissue paper.

Even though this is only a two-step process, making these leis took quite a bit of time.  Each camper had to make every flower out of tissue paper and then string them together.

One of the nice things about teaching is that I always get to learn something new.  One camper strung her lei a bit differently from my lei and it looked quite nice.

The leis are finally finished!
With leis on, we all danced to Pearly Shells with one of the students showing the hula moves.
During snack time, everyone happily gobbled up the fresh pineapple.


We then reviewed all the places we’ve visited this week…until we came to Hawaii.
I reminded everyone that Hawaii is a part of Oceania and explained that the earliest type of music found in Hawaii was mele (chanting).
We watched a few videos that featured several Hawaiian instruments such as the ipu and ‘uli’uli.  Since a few videos featured the Merrie Monarch Festival, I talked about that festival and about the Merrie Monarch, King David Kalakaua.  The students also learned about Hawaiian hymns and hapa haole songs.
Here are the pages we completed today that pertain to Hawaii.
I had asked every camper to write an appreciation for everyone in the group, so everyone received kind words to paste in their books.
I also developed photos of our week for each student, so they pasted those in their books as well.
Our travels would not be complete without obtaining the visa stamps in our passports.  Here is a look into one of the passports.
Here is the cover of the book we made during the week.
Thank you to all of my campers this week!  It was a pleasure having you at camp.  I really enjoyed your enthusiasm, curiosity, and energy.  A big thank you to the parents who supported my camp–some for the second year in a row.
I am also grateful for the people who helped me with the ideas for this year’s camp, particularly my sister Jenny.  Not only is she a fountain of knowledge, but she is endlessly creative and knows what activities interest and engage kids. And finally I would like to thank my husband Jeff for his continual support and hard work that makes my creative energy possible for these big projects.