Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Excited About Music

October 21, 2022 Barbie Wong

Having worked with hundreds of parents and music teachers, I get to hear some fabulous ideas about how to get kids excited about music. I am so grateful for the parents and teachers who openly share their successes and failures. In the end, we are all connected, so when we speak candidly about our experiences, everyone around us benefits.

Here are 3 ideas for you!

1) Musical Orchestra Toy

One parent who attended my workshop in Boston shared her family’s love for this simple toy. A bunch of instruments sit upon a platform and when you take one of the instruments and put it in the center, the toy plays that instrument sound. You can continue putting more instruments in the center and hear the sounds of the instruments. Even though this toy is recommended for toddlers, this parent explained that everyone in her family continues to love playing with it, even her 2nd-grader. Here is the toy:

Musical Orchestra Toy, brand name: B. toys by Battat

2) Sing Your Practice Reminder

During another workshop in Boston, I explained how parents can sing their instructions to bring music and levity to the household. I asked the participants if they would like to try singing an instruction. One of the teachers, Donny Landers, sang, “It’s time to practice.” We all tried singing what Donny sang and it was fun and easy. Next time you are reminding your child to practice, instead of telling them, sing your reminder!

3) Throw a Listening Party

My daughter Tenzin loves Taylor Swift, so she has been counting down the days to her latest album Midnights, which was just released. She is getting together with her friends to listen to the album and celebrate this release. Because of the title of the album, they will be watching the stars as a part of their celebration. Oh, and Taylor’s favorite food is chicken tenders so there will be some of those at the party. You can find any music that your family enjoys and do this. Plan a time when everyone can gather, find some special foods, and listen to that music.